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Outstanding educational content from some of the best in our industry. Because we know learning doesn't stop at graduation!

We deep dive into Masterclasses, series or quick updates with a single targeted session. 

"Health Masters Live is an easy way to stay up to date and be your best in practice and patient care."

Stay up to date

Support your patient care with breakthrough online instruction from an unbiased platform. An easy and trusted way to stay up to date and be your best in practice. 

Build patient love

Stay out front of your industry to help you help more people. We call this exponential care. The more practitioners we upskill the more patients that receive natural health care. 

Easy online access

Build your knowledge via our streamed and live course content along with access to top clinicians from around the world. All available on both desktop and mobile Apps.

Predictable results

We guarantee an exceptional learning experience with flexible learning paths and guidance from some of the best in the industry. And have a money back guarantee.

Access Continuing Education

New courses are always on the way. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the ever changing evidence base in healthcare and we’re constantly releasing new content to make sure that you stay in touch and up to date.

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Get access to everything! Join thousands of other smart practitioners getting their professional education via the All Access Pass.

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Education for results!

We’re not here to rehash old news. Each course is meticulously crafted from the leaders in our industry who teach the latest skills necessary for standing out in the crowd. You learn at your pace, helping you be the best practitioner you can be.

We’ve streamed over 175,000 webinars to natural medicine clinicians around the world to help you excel in practice.  That’s a lot of life-changing patient benefit right there! All designed to help you stay up to date and get predictable results in practice. 

We provide the best learning platform for you by continuously developing the features you ask for. Our goal is to shape the future of naturopathic education, not just be a part of it. It's a collaborative effort. 
Health Masters online is a game changer in practitioner education. Every presentation I have listened to has been full of a wealth of fantastic information from experienced, successful clinicians.

Karen L.

The courses are thought provoking and clinical pearl laden. Practicing in a small Aussie town, they help me stay in touch. The Naturopathic Practitioners Network is now the community for my siloed practice. 

Josh T.

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  • Flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace with on-demand audio and video
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  • Cutting edge presentation notes and videos delivered by leading experts
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  • Access quality, unbiased expert content a fraction of Uni fees

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Practical approach

Boost your practice with exclusive insights from top naturopathic experts. Every course is carefully designed with the single objective of improving your practice and patient care.

As advances occur in natural medicine our aim is to keep you right up to date. You’ll learn clear, actionable, clinical gems. 

Unbiased always

Health Masters Live is your source of reliable unbiased education. Suppliers often want us to promote their products, but we just won't do it. 

We have no financial connection and receive no incentives from any supplier to our industry. We receive no underwriting or sponsorship from nutraceutical or pharmaceutical companies. 

Risk free guarantee

Health Masters Live relies exclusively on our reputation for quality education.

We have a money back guarantee. If a course you complete does not add to your professional development in any way you get it for free! View our refund policy here.
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CE in one place!

You receive a personalised certificate for hours attended for your continuing education.

We are a global company and have our coursework approved by many associations around the world.

Please check with your professional association as to how many points are allocated with Health Masters Live course hours. Read more on CE here.
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