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Our vision is to take natural medicine education to the next level to help more people all around the world get healthy and happy. Our educators are from top universities and clinics, who share their experience through videos, notes, quizzes and discussions. Tell us about your knowledge and experiences today!

1# Practitioner commitment 

Attention, interest, trust, intent, engagement. We want you to help our practitioners stay committed to the process of becoming better because they believe in the research, the outcome and they believe in you.

#2 Love the practice of ongoing learning

We want our practitioners to love learning. We are passionate about giving them what works right now in their practice. We want them to be inspired to bring their whole self to their practice, to study and improve, change, and build their confidence.

#3 Personal Accountability 

Accountability is taking ownership of results. A person who clearly understands what needs to be accomplished and does what it takes to get the right results is accountable. We rely on you to get our practitioners there.

Unbiased always

We present the most up to date, clinically-useful, unbiased, clinical pearls for natural and integrative clinicians around the world. 

We never receive any financial incentive or compensation from industry. Our presenters do not promote any product or program that they have affiliations with.

Clinically relevant

Our attendees expect highly clinically-relevant material from the best clinicians and academics in our industry.

They want strategies that they can take and implement in their practice straight away. Things that will make a noticeable difference to their patient’s health now.

Postgraduate content

99% of delegates questions are practical, how-to questions. They're looking for clinical utility that they can apply right now in their practice to achieve better clinical results.

They don't want the basics that College or University gave them. They want new ideas, advanced protocols and clear strategies to get their patients healthy.

Read. Watch. Learn.

Boost their confidence to master the topic. Aim to provide them with a reliable development of high-level of clinical expertise.

Focus on actionable care plans including dose, duration and time to action and mechanisms of action to create working knowledge and help decision making.

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To be a great place to work we need great presenters to work with us. Everything we do, every day, in more ways than one, helps to make a unique contribution to people’s health all over the world. If you have a topic or specialty area that you think might interest our audience, please get in touch.