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At Health Masters Live we believe that every health professional has the right to access unbiased tools and teachings and build on their knowledge via a trusted source. By making this information available online, we can get ongoing professional education to you without the environmental impacts and financial constraints of both flights and accommodation, which adds up to a healthier world!

Health Masters Live is the destination for the world’s most successful natural health practitioners to share their thoughts and protocols about what’s happening in today’s clinics. On the Health Masters Live platform, you get exclusive access to watch the most successful clinicians who share their in-depth insights with no agenda, hype or bias. Make smart decisions for your patients and grow your practice with original content brought to you by some of the biggest names in natural medicine, who get to say what they really think with no hidden agenda!

Our Mission

The Health Masters Live mission is to help natural health practitioners excel in practice. If you excel that means people around the world are becoming healthier. That’s what floats our boat! You doing well is what motivates us to find the best presenters to help you succeed in practice.

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan reflects our commitment:

  1. To be a leader and respond to the changes we face in natural healthcare.
  2. To continue to develop and refine our education platform to provide easily accessible ongoing education for natural medicine practitioners.
  3. To expand our capacity and reach in order to maximise access to postgraduate natural medicine education.
  4. To help our users improve the economics of natural medicine practice.
  5. To continue to educate regarding the development and refinement of the science, systems, and tools of natural medicine.
  6. To achieve our mission of ensuring the widespread adoption of natural medicine.

Our Values

Health Masters Live is passionate about natural, pure and vital health. This is the fundamental requirement for a full life and it is best achieved with natural healthcare support. Everyone wants what good health provides. The specialist natural healthcare practitioner has a unique ability to provide high-level, medically integrated, natural and preventive wellness medicine.

All in One Place

The problem isn’t that there’s not enough information, the problem is that there’s often too much. It can be nearly impossible to determine which information to trust. We cut through the clutter and give you the most effective and reputable tools, strategies and knowledge. Our Health Masters teach you proven strategies so you can deliver even better service for your clients. You hear from the experts and thought leaders in the wellness industry explaining what they do in practice and why.

No Gurus

Our presenters are not gurus. One of the biggest issues online is that a single person may be thought to have the solutions to everything about a certain health complaint. A cult of personality is formed around these “gurus”. The reality is that health is incredibly complex. It is outright impossible for one person to know or to have all or most of the solutions to a particular health complaint. This is why we have a team of presenters from diverse backgrounds to ensure that we traverse the full breadth and depth of a topic.

No How Does It Work?

Health Masters LIVE hosts highest-level, professional online seminars called webinars. NO travel, NO parking, NO hotels! You can attend live and/or watch the recording at a time that suits you. We know you often work alone with little feedback. Health Masters Live gives you access to your colleagues to collaborate online directly on this platform or in our Facebook Alumni Group and the Naturopathic Practitioners Network on Facebook or on LinkedIn. It is a fantastic way to make new contacts and chat directly with industry thought leaders and presenters who attend our events.

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Please contact us here to share your success stories and any feedback you have on our platform. It’s what makes our days at work so worthwhile and reminds us that we are here for you.
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