The Type 2 Diabetes Masterclass and More

Aug 15
This month we have:


Diabetes is highly damaging, highly preventable and reversible. We will discuss insulin resistance which is the core defect for heart disease, NASH, NAFLD, and metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance contributes to cancer, dementia and of course diabetes.

The incidence and burden of diabetes is increasing in every region of the world and predicted to continue to increase until at least 2050. Diabetes needs a complete strategy as it is complex and involves several systems. The Natural Diabetes Masterclass puts all of the pieces together for you in a comprehensive program for this chronic disease that's defying medical care.


Learn about the cancer-fighting properties of a plant-based keto diet. Find out how decreasing the “food” supply for cancer cells and starving them can greatly improve the effectiveness of you cancer care practices. 

The vegan ketogenic diet is proposed as a potential adjunct therapy by exploiting these food pathways to starve the cancer and weaken it so that targeted kill phase therapies are more effective. This is a practical discussion of how this approach works and how to implement it in clinical care. 


Oesophagitis is one of the most common conditions that your patients experience. When a questionnaire was mailed to a random sample of 2500 people aged 20 years, 9% of them said they had experienced heartburn on the day they completed the questionnaire, 15% that week and 21% that month. A staggering 45% said they had experienced some regurgitation symptoms in the last year. 

Medications for oespophagitis may be the most prescribed drug class in the world and we have tremendous ability to identify the cause and give quick, reliable results. Dr Sandberg-Lewis is widely recognised as the expert in natural gastroenterology publishing his textbook "Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional Digestive Disorders". Steven has practiced as a naturopathic physician since 1978 and has been a clinical and didactic professor at the National University of Natural Medicine since 1996. This presentation is a thorough, up-to-date discussion of the principle causes and solutions to this extremely common and frustrating condition. 

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