Cannabinoids and other important updates

The first Cannabinoids lesson is up. You will need to Sign Up or Log In to view it. Once you are logged in, go to the Cannabinoids Course page and scroll down until you find Lesson One. It was very interesting and we found that CBD may have some downsides! The rest of the lessons are currently being recorded and we will have those up as they are completed.
We aim to have a live panel discussion a few months after each Masterclass so you can ask any questions and hear the presenters discuss cases and ask each other questions. The Nutrigenomics live panel discussion has been delayed due to an event clash with one of the presenters. For those who have not completed this course, it will give you some time to do so. The new date will be on our live event calendar page here when the date is confirmed.
The Metaflammation Course has also been added and we hope to have the notes up shortly. The webinar is well worth a watch. It explains what you can do to support the ageing process and the inflammatory processes that go with it.
We have received a number of emails from people asking why they cannot log in using their old account details. As per our previous correspondence and the notices on our websites, if you don't have an active All Access Pass subscription, you will need to Sign Up first to create a new account. If you do have an AAP you just need to create a password. Click SIGN IN via the link on the top menu, then click Forgot Password and enter the email address you used to access the old site and follow the instructions. 
We are excited to be bringing you a bunch of new content over the next few months. We are working on the Hepatology II, Gerontology, Sports Performance and Fatigue Syndromes Masterclasses. We are also looking at doing courses on Ayurvedic Medicine and doshas and the main principles for optimising wellness, including Panchakarma. If you know of an expert in this area please let us know. 
We are also putting together a Certificate in Natural Business Management that we hope will help you build a sustainable practice so that you can help as many people as you can with natural medicine. That's why we're all in this business, to help people get well, and stay well naturally.