Get an AAP because

The AAP makes your education plan an easy one!

Access everything, anytime
Health Masters Live has over 13,000 naturopathic practitioners obtaining their postgraduate education online with us every year. With our AAP you’ll be able to plug into every single course whenever you like, as many times as you like, on any device. The AAP gives you access to everything we have done and everything we will do for the life of your subscription.

Great value, fully flexible
With the AAP, you’ll have the ultimate in choice, control and convenience, because you can take in any course, whenever you like, as many times as you like. Using any device you can watch again and again whenever it suits you.

Stay ahead, at your own pace
However you plan to build your natural health practice, the AAP presents you with an effective, convenient pathway to ensure you stay ahead in your field and continually learn at your own pace. Study the right content, at the right time and place.

World-class courses
Health Masters Live courses are devised by true experts in their fields, a collaboration of accomplished academics, thought-leaders and clinicians who love to share through innovative, premium quality courses. And you can plug into the lot with our AAP.

Real-time healthcare support
The AAP also helps you prescribe successful treatments in practice. When you have a difficult case or tricky patient, you can revisit any course at any time to refresh your knowledge. You can also access ongoing professional support via our community group.

Get certificates as you go
With every single Health Masters Live course, as soon as you complete the study using your AAP you can download a personalised certificate for professional education credits from within your account.

No industry ties or affiliations
A very important part of the Health Masters Live ethic is that we are stringently independent and unbiased. Nothing colours what we do. Health Masters Live has no industry ties, affiliations or obligations linked to any other companies or organisations. So with your AAP you’ll benefit from the very best, entirely unbiased course content. The quality of our presentations are widely praised and appreciated, yet it is our independence that we are most proud of.

A wide variety, nothing excluded
Health Masters Live presents topics others don't cover. It doesn’t make sense for commercial providers to run events on topics that don’t sell products. We have programs covering Mind-Body Medicine, Breathing Techniques, Forgiveness and Gratitude Practices, Practice Management and Natural Medicine Course Development. You can count on us to continue to provide those valuable, unsung topics that deserve a great deal more attention than they get in the commercial world of natural medicine.

It is a vast resource that you can go to at any time.
See what you want, when you want. You will find a course for almost every one of your patients. It's an enormous database of the very best clinical strategies available. And the list is growing. That’s almost 900, 90 minute videos, with all of the presenter's notes, citations and handouts.

All of our events for one annual fee
You will also have access (both live and recorded) to everything going forward for the next 12 months or for the length of your subscription. That’s almost 300 hours of fresh content each year.

A partner in your dreams
The AAP is just one of the ways we strive to partner in your dream to be a truly professional, successful practitioner. In addition to leading-edge courses, we’ll keep you up to speed on important dates, events and the very latest goings-on in your field of expertise.