Hyperuricaemia, Gastro Masterclass and Business Agility

Jun 12
Lots on this month with the release of the delayed Gastrointestinal Masterclass One and more...

This month we are excited to bring you three new courses. The first is on Hyperuricaemia and Its Relationship to Heart Disease with Dr Richard Johnson. Dr Johnsons' research shows that the epidemic of the metabolic syndrome is due in part to fructose-induced hyperuricaemia that reduces endothelial nitric oxide levels and induces insulin resistance. Consistent with this hypothesis is the observation that changes in mean uric acid levels correlate with the increasing prevalence of metabolic syndrome. 

Uric acid contributes to heart disease due to its inflammatory potential and looks at the causal relationship between gout and high uric acid and cardiovascular disease. It turns out that urate crystals are present not just in the joints, but in the vasculature and there is a direct association with these crystals and vascular calcification. Metabolic syndrome is a comorbidity of hyperuricaemia and needs treatment to prevent serious complications, including heart disease. 

Dr Johnson will discuss ways to lower uric acid via diet, Vitamin C and medication. Dr Johnson is a prolific scientist with research that's been funded by the NIH since the 1980s. He has published over 700 papers and lectured in over 45 countries. His work has been highly cited and his books include "Sugar. The fat switch." and "Nature Wants Us To Be Fat."


The second is Business Agility for Practitioners to help you make better and faster decisions for your practice. Jason Marr discusses a highly valuable framework to help you make decisions that align with your patient's best interests and also your personal and professional values. This course will give you the steps and concepts to help you make those tough decisions and get a lot more done.

From this course you will:
  • Learn how to infuse your authenticate self into your business
  • Make clearer, better and more frequent decisions
  • Develop a new confidence about your business, it's process and level of success
  • Clear away any tasks or ideas you have been meaning to do for years
  • Appoint a stellar team of executives to help you express your dream practice


The third and last course released this month is the Gastrointestinal Masterclass One which we have completely overhauled. The Natural Gastrointestinal Masterclasses are the foundation programs in natural medicine that gives you the basis from which you can develop reliable gastrointestinal care plans.

This course is a thorough update on previous Masterclass with substantial advances and changes in the thinking around gut function, probiotics, prebiotics and what good gut health looks like. There are new sections on peptides for gut function, stress and HPA effects on gut, the gut-liver interaction, and the surprising effects of bitters on gut and immune function.

This is the first of what will be three comprehensively revised and updated Gastrointestinal Masterclasses. This carefully designed program ensures you obtain a high level of expertise in gastrointestinal conditions and dysfunction. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your expertise in treating gastrointestinal conditions and the very broad effects of gastrointestinal dysfunction.

This Masterclass has 18 hours of CE.


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