Breaking new ground in May with the Sexual Health Masterclass

This May we cover territory that perhaps you thought was out-of-bounds? This Masterclass brings you a team of specialist clinicians sharing their knowledge and experience on how to discuss and manage the wide variety of sexual health issues. 

Your patients are presenting with these problems but most of them never mention it. In fact, many of them are struggling to raise the issue with you but don’t manage to. Have you noticed toward the very end of a consult patients often say ”Oh, by the way, there’s this other thing…”That ‘other thing’ didn’t slip their mind. They really do want to share this with you and get your assistance. Often these things are sexually related, and causing them considerable difficulty.


From this course you will:
  • Understand the physiological process of sex, desire and the excitatory systems
  • Learn what is considered ‘normal’ sex
  • Learn how to recognise the common sexual health concerns
  • Understand that patients expect us to ask about their sexual health and know where to start the sexual health discussion
  • Know which medications are common causes of sexual dysfunction and how to address this
  • Learn how to address libido reduction in women and men and which aphrodisiac herbs are effective 
  • Know how to assist someone with painful sex and also pelvic floor weakness


    From this course you will:
  • Update your knowledge of amino acid biochemistry and physiological function
  • Explore the physiological impact of amino acid on nutritional status, structural integrity, biotransformation, and cell regulators (neurotransmitters and hormones) 
  • Learn the clinical implications of amino acid assessment options and determine appropriate and personalised interventions
  • Review mechanisms associated with energy production, endothelial integrity, bone, collagen and muscle formation as they pertain to amino acid properties and biochemical mechanisms 
  • Understand the clinical implications of AA assessment options and determine appropriate and personalised interventions
  • Review mechanisms associated with biotransformation mechanisms including glutathione reproduction and ammonia clearance and their impact on a multitude of physiological mechanisms
  • Review the role of amino acids in cell signaling including their impact on the HPA axis and circadian rhythm cycles
  • Understand the clinical implications of amino acid assessment options for determining neurotransmitter and hormone status in order to design appropriate and personalized interventions
  • Demonstrate application to clinical practice through case study

  • STRENGTHENING POSTURE for Pain Relief, Strength & Successful Ageing with Steven Weiniger - 1.5 hours

    From this course you will:
  • Learn how to improve a body’s balance, alignment and inner core motion (BAM!)
  • Find out how to use a digital photo to benchmark and track postural changes
  • Discover how a simple range of easy exercises can have huge metabolic benefits
  • Explore ways to engage patient's with health results they can see and feel


    From this course you will:
  • Learn how to work with your natural rhythms
  • Find out how to worker smarter not harder
  • Finally learn how to ditch perfectionism
  • Realise that without caring for yourself you can't effectively help others
  • Update your self-care tool kit

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    Reminder: We now have Apps available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This allows you to leave off on one device and catch up at the same spot on another.