November includes Happy Hormones, Cancer Pathology Reports, a Sleep Series and much more

This month we have Happy Hormones with Dr Peter Bongiorno. From this course you will:

  • Review the history and general definition of hormones as they relate to mental health
  • Identify each important hormone in detail and understand them especially in relation to how they can affect mental health and neurotransmitter balance
  • Learn which lab tests can be most helpful to understand hormones collectively
  • Evaluate natural remedies that can help rebalance hormones effectively
  • Gain a new understanding of neurotransmitter interrelationships.
  • Develop effective care plans for your patients with mood dysfunction

We also have the Top Ten Botanicals in Women's Health webinar with Dr Tori Hudson who discusses her favourite herbs to support women during different life stages. From this course you will:

  • Gain a broad understanding of the constituents, indications, contraindications and dosing of each of the 10 plants for women's health
  • You will gain knowledge on select evidence-based research on these plants in the treatment of gynaecological and primary care issues for women.
  • You will learn how to use these plants as part of a multi-dimensional treatment plan for select women’s health conditions.

Next we have Advances in Sleep and Circadian Medicine with Catherine Darley ND. What could be better than using sleep and a circadian lifestyle to treat disease and optimise health? From this course you will:

  • Learn how sleep health contributes to the ten most common diseases
  • Understand the central circadian pacemaker, peripheral clock mechanisms and how they are entrained to the natural world
  • Know how to use light therapy and other strategies for a range of circadian rhythm disorders
  • Gain a greater understanding of our natural melatonin’s actions throughout the body
  • Add melatonin to your treatment options for many additional conditions
  • Know the possible side-effects and contraindications for melatonin supplementation

We also have the Cannabinoids live panel discussion to round off the end of the Cannabinoids Masterclass. We have had some great feedback on this course, so if you haven't done it yet check it out here

Additionally we have the Hepatology 2 Masterclass and the Cancer Pathology Reports series with Jessica Moore

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