Transforming Perimenopause, the Calcium Paradox and Networking for Effective Practice

Oct 17
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Perimenopause is very different to menopause and the normal menstrual cycle. It is hormonally different, in that it has high and erratic rather than stable and low oestrogen levels. Although similar in vasomotor symptoms and sleep problems, perimenopausal women have had flow within 1-year. They may experience breast tenderness, heavy flow, premenstrual symptoms and migraine headaches that are not caused by menopause.

Jerilynn will review the latest RCT evidence relating to treatment of perimenopausal vasomotor symptoms with menopausal hormone therapy or with combined hormonal contraceptives. Finally, she will review a newly available controlled trial that oral micronised progesterone significantly reduced symptoms.

From this course you will:
  • Learn how perimenopause differs from and how is it similar to menopause.
  • Understand what evidence there is that menopausal hormone therapy or combined hormonal contraception improves perimenopausal hot flushes and night sweats.
  • Understand what evidence there is that oral micronised progesterone improves perimenopausal night sweat and sleep problems.
  • See if progesterone increases depression in perimenopause or cause other adverse effects.


Your number-one resource for getting new, high-value clients are other clinicians and business owners. Their customers are engaged with them and their services and are very likely to regard a referral to you as valid and worthwhile. Compared to other marketing efforts, effective networking is much more productive and can give you a constant stream of high-quality referrals. There are several reasons why these people are such effective ambassadors for you. When you have developed a networking relationship, these colleagues know exactly who needs to work with you and they will speak very positively about you. These colleagues become your best advertising and your most reliable source of new, high-value clients. There's an art to networking and Jason Marr shows you how it's done with a structured approach and many useful tips.

From this course you will:

  • Learn how to build valuable network of trust-based relationships
  • Create a network of colleagues and business owners who will send you an endless stream of new clients
  • Receive high-value referrals from your network partners
  • Be able to teach your network exactly who are the best-fit clients for your business
  • Know who you can refer your patients and associates to in return
  • Acquire the art and skill of network development that benefits your business, your partners businesses and definitely all patients


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for bone, teeth, muscle and other tissues but also contributes to sudden cardiac death. This role of calcium in normal function and also in pathology creates a clinical paradox for us. Calcium is necessary and yet seems to be central to the process of the chronic diseases of ageing.

In the right place, calcium is vital. “Calcification” refers to the accumulation of calcium in parts of the body where it should not accumulate - blood vessels, breast, etc., which causes hardening of these tissues. In fact, cardiovascular disease may be more about calcium than cholesterol.
The reasons calcium accumulates in specific tissues is related to several factors that Donnie Yance explains in detail. These include kidney function and pH, thyroid status, ageing, inflammation. Donnie also details the nutrients that are required to manage calcium level and utilisation. There are also quite a number of botanicals and foods that are useful in calcium regulation and in the systems involved in calcium control.

This is a fascinating presentation the gives clear guidance on how to build healthy bones, good nervous function, etc. and yet avoid the calcification issues that are central to many disease processes.

From this course you will:

  • Learn how to balance the calcium/calcification paradox
  • Discover new ways to enhance calcium function
  • Have a clear understanding of the role of kidneys in calcium metabolism
  • Know how vascular calcification arises and how to prevent it in your patients
  • Understand the 'statin paradox'
  • Be able to reduce age-related arthritis due to calcification
  • Learn the relationship between kidney stones and vascular disease
  • Know how to use the many effective natural tools available to regulate calcium metabolism and protect related tissues

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