On in October: Methylation and Ageing and the Gerontology Masterclass

This month we have the Gerontology Masterclass with Dr Alethea Fleming, Dr Steven Parcell and Noriko Yamaguchi. 

From this course you will:
  • Learn how to accurately assess an elderly person
  • Discover the latest understandings of the process of ageing
  • Predict the most likely adverse health outcomes your older patient’s may experience
  • Gain a deep understanding of the many differences an aged person experiences in their sleep, mood, digestion, energy and other processes
  • Know how to make exercise and agility recommendations specifically suitable for older patients
  • Understand how older people’s mood and energy change and what you can do to help them
  • Know how to address the very common problem of polypharmacy for these people

Also on is the Methylation and Ageing course with Kara Fitzgerald, ND. 

From this course you will:
  • Learn the basics of epigenetics and DNA methylation.
  • Update your knowledge of biological ageing, health-span, lifespan and longevity. And you will explore why these all so important
  • Learn how we measure BioAge (as compared to chronological ageing)
  • Update your knowledge on how diet and lifestyle changes affect DNA methylation, gene expression and ultimately biological ageing and longevity!
  • Explore the findings of a new study that was able to reverse biological ageing. 

And finally we have the Engineering Immune Protection with Phytonutrients with Dr Lara Zakaria ND.

From this course you will:
  • Learn the best practices for fortifying the immune system with phytonutrients
  • Explore the foods and herbs that will optimise immunity, including Broccoli (DIM and I3C), Alliums (sulphorophanes), Resveratrol, EGCC, Curcumin and the β-glucans
  • Gain a new range of therapeutic options including medicinal and culinary herbs
  • Update your understanding of specific phytonutrient targets such as the nuclear transcription factors Nrf2, ARE and NF-ΚB
  • Explore the detoxifying and toxin eliminating effects of methylation and Glutathione

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