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A New Approach to Migraine and Headache

It’s time to change the way we assess, treat and manage headache pain.

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Pablo Tymoszuk

About this course

We've all come across people who have had all the scans, taken all the tests, but still don’t have a definitive answer as to why they are constantly dealing with frequent, severe headache pain. Without an answer, the medical profession often ends up treating the symptoms with the use of long-term medication. This strategy often makes headaches worse with a range of dangerous side effects.

For over 25 years, author and manual therapist, Pablo Tymoszuk, has been successfully treating people with severe, frequent headaches, without the use of pain killers or medication. Combining common sense with the latest studies and years of experience, Pablo has developed a program of effective strategies that minimise the symptoms of headache and migraine, treat the underlying causes and improve the overall health of his patients.

In this course Pablo will show you have to  assess headaches using a three-component model that considers musculoskeletal, neuro-vascular and emotional contributions to pain. Pablo demonstrates how simple, effective life style changes can make a profound difference to the frequency and severity of your patient's headaches, and how to improve their overall health.

Most importantly, you will learn headaches are not all in your patient's head. Headache pain is referred pain where pain is felt in the head, but often starts somewhere else. In this course you will learn about the different potential sources of headache pain, how to identify what type of headache your patient is suffering from and how to successfully treat them.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
  • Access to your audio and video recordings via the App Store
  • A downloadable PDF of the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the community hub where you can get answers to your questions
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

From this course you will

  • Learn how to apply the Integrated Headache Model - migraine and tension headache are points on a headache spectrum 
  • Learn about the role of referred pain and muscular trigger points in the management of headache
  • Explore manual therapy techniques for effective headache management
  • Update your skills in how to accurately identify the cause of your patient's headache

What's in this course

Your Presenter

Pablo Tymoszuk

Pablo Tymoszuk has been driven by one consuming passion during his more than 25 years working as a soft tissue therapist – to empower his patients to manage and conquer their pain.
A natural educator, Pablo has always sought to work closely with his patients, embarking on a journey with them to find the most practical, long-lasting solutions for their pain, and is known for communicating his professional knowledge and insights with clarity and impact.
His tireless pursuit to improve the lives of patients with debilitating conditions has led him to investigate the efficacy of a wide range of drug-free methods and strategies, from which he has built a comprehensive, integrated holistic approach to professional treatment and self-care that has transformed the lives of so many of his patients.

His first book, A New Approach to Headache and Migraine, is representative of his generous, thoughtful and considered approach to treatment. In this book, Pablo offers his unique insights into pain management, his years of research and experience and the practical application of his proven strategies with a clarity that makes his approach readily accessible to medical professionals and laypeople.

Professionally, Pablo has specialized in remedial, sports, myofascial and trigger point release techniques. For 15 years, he worked extensively with elite sporting clubs, including the Collingwood Football Club, Richmond Football Club and Australian Cricket Team. Pablo was also fortunate to gain 19 years of invaluable experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre.

He currently works from his own clinic in Melbourne Australia whilst also providing ergonomic consultations and presentations in the workplace, delivering presentations about headache and migraine pain and consulting at numerous wellness retreats in Asia.