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How to Support Patients Through Cancer Care

Supporting the patient with alternative therapies for pain, fatigue and other impairments of cancer treatment.

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Dr Nalini Chilkov

About this course

During the treatment phase of cancer care over 75% of adult patients complain of pain, sleep disruption, fatigue and cognitive impairment. Cancer related fatigue and cognitive impairment can be severe, persistent and not resolve with tumour control or treatment cessation. Even more compelling is the fact that as long as 10-20 years after successful treatment as many as 48% of adult cancer survivors complain of persistent fatigue, depressive symptoms, poor memory and attention, difficulty multitasking and a decrease in their executive functions. A highly individualised health-focused integrative approach is required for these people.

The demand for our expertise in this field is growing. With continued improvements in disease-free survival after cancer treatment there is an increasing number of survivors of cancer. Currently over 15 million in the US alone with projections for 19 million by 2024 and 26 million by 2040. The statistics for Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia follow these trends.

Cancer itself, as well as patient’s cancer treatment, profoundly affect healthy function. Short-term adverse effects include myelosuppression, neuropathy, mucositis, enteritis, nausea, sleep disruption and fatigue. These effects typically occur during, or immediately after, treatment.

Patients living with cancer as a chronic illness continue to suffer ongoing adverse effects of their long-term treatments. Their experience includes endocrine disruptions, hepatoxicity, nephrotoxicity and cardiotoxicity.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal and biotherapies as well as cancer biology itself are associated with significant increases in inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species in the brain. Immune cells, responding to inflammation, traverse the blood-brain barrier and increase local inflammation affecting emotional and cognitive function. These patients often show loss of grey and white matter and have functional and structural changes that resemble accelerated brain ageing.
Interventions including natural compounds, acupuncture, functional foods, diet and lifestyle modifications, and brain rehabilitation therapies can be used to prevent damage and restore function and quality of life to these patients allowing them to return to full and productive lives after treatment.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
  • Access to your audio and video recordings via the App Store
  • A downloadable PDF of the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the community hub where you can get answers to your questions
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From this course you will

  • Understand & identify the short and long-term sequelae of cancer and treatment-related adverse effects
  • Understand & identify the long-term sequelae of cancer and treatment-related adverse effects related to cognitive impairment and accelerated brain ageing
  • Understand & identify potential pathophysiologic mechanisms of cancer and treatment-related adverse effects in cancer patients and cancer survivors
  • Be able to identify and use nutriceuticals, phytochemicals, functional foods, lifestyle interventions and integrative therapies to prevent damage and restore normal function to cancer patients and survivors suffering from short term adverse effects of cancer and cancer treatments.
  • Understand and identify mechanisms and risk factors contributing to cancer-related cognitive impairment and chronic cancer-related fatigue
  • Skillfully implement an individualised integrative plan utilising selected nutriceuticals, phytochemicals, restorative therapies and lifestyle interventions

What's in this course

Your Presenter

Dr Nalini Chilkov

Dr Nalini Chilkov is a leading authority and pioneer in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, cancer prevention, and immune enhancement. She is the Founder of the American Institute of Integrative Oncology Research & Education and She authored the bestselling book, 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: Create a Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive and serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Mederi Foundation and Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

Dr Chilkov has lectured at the School of Medicine at UCLA and UC Irvine and conducts seminars and training programs for clinicians worldwide. She is a popular contributor to the Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post, has been featured as a cancer expert on NBC TV, and is recognized as one of the Top 10 Online Influencers for Breast Cancer by WebMD and Dr Mehmet Oz’s

Dr Chilkov’s OutSmart Cancer Programs are recognized as the most comprehensive, sciencebased, safe and natural programs for supporting cancer patients, survivors, and those who do not want to get cancer to Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well.

With more than 30 years of clinical experience combining the best of modern functional medicine with the ancient wisdom of traditional Oriental and natural healing, Dr Chilkov is a seasoned clinician and an innovator, building bridges between modern and traditional healing paradigms and partnering with physicians to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Her private practice is located in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), California.