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Osteoporosis Masterclass

Gain a deep understanding of an important and preventable condition.

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Lani Simpson

About this course

One-in-four hip fractures occur in men and people are being diagnosed with osteoporosis at younger and younger ages. Osteoporosis is a complex condition that is generally not well understood. It requires careful analysis for accurate assessment and fracture prevention. Because osteoporosis is largely preventable, many people are fracturing unnecessarily and these injuries have massive impacts on people's lives (and deaths).

Dr Lani Simpson is the recognised specialist in this field. In her comprehensive course, she explores the must-know topics in the causes, testing and management of osteoporosis. Covered in detail are the testing methods that provide clarity on bone health and Lani also reveals the effects that our hormones have on bone structure and integrity. Importantly, she outlines what you need to weigh up when a patient is taking any of the various osteoporosis medications.

Nutrition and exercise to prevent and limit bone loss is discussed in detail with practical suggestions for your patients. She also explores the role of gut health and explains why a healthy gastrointestinal system is crucial for bone health.You will come away from this class with a deep understanding of bone physiology and great strategies for fighting fractures in all ages and both sexes.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
  • Access to your audio and video recordings via the App Store
  • A downloadable PDF of the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the community hub where you can get answers to your questions
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

From this course you will

  • Learn how to appropriately test your patient's fracture risk
  • Know the different types of osteoporosis and their stages
  • Learn to recognise your at-risk patients and what their causes of poor bone quality are most likely to be
  • Understand how a wide range of our hormones affect bone strength, brittleness and fracture resistance
  • Have a clear guide on exercise safety and efficacy for osteoporosis
  • Know which dietary factors can erode bone and which supplements have been shown to be protective (and those which have no effect)
  • Learn the latest on osteoporosis medications so you can make informed recommendations for your patient's specific circumstances

What's in this course

Your Presenter

Dr Lani Simpson, DC, CCD

Lani Simpson DC, CCD, is a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD). She has practiced in women’s health care for over 25 years, treating thousands of patients with a multidisciplinary and integrative approach. An expert in bone density analysis, osteoporosis, and hormone balancing, she cofounded the East Bay Menopause and PMS Center and the Osteoporosis Diagnostic Center in Oakland, CA.

Dr Simpson was diagnosed with osteoporosis over a decade ago. Using both complementary and traditional approaches, she has maintained an active lifestyle. Dr Simpson is the bone densitometrist for the Foundation For Osteoporosis Research in Oakland CA, and she has a private practice in Berkeley, CA consulting with women and men.