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Demystifying PANS and PANDAS

A functional medicine guide acute-onset eating disorders and OCD in children

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Nancy O'Hara

About this course

Eating disorders and compulsive behaviour in children are challenging conditions for both parents and clinicians. PANS and PANDAS are two related paediatric conditions both with OCD and eating disorder symptoms but they have a distinctive abrupt onset. This rapid onset suggests an acute trigger(s) as this type of presentation would otherwise occur gradually; PANS and PANDAS can appear overnight.

Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) is a diagnosis often mistaken with obsessive-compulsive disorder or an eating disorder, but the sudden onset of symptoms separates PANS from these conditions. In addition, they may also have symptoms of depression, irritability, anxiety, and have difficulty with their schoolwork. The cause of PANS is still unknown in most cases but is thought to be triggered by infections, metabolic disturbances, and other inflammatory reactions.
A similar condition is Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep (PANDAS). As the name suggests, this involves antibodies from a strep infection reacting with brain tissue triggering an abrupt onset of immune dysregulation and movement, learning and behavioural problems including OCD, anxiety and tics.

Dr. Nancy O’Hara, is a highly sought-after paediatrician and functional medicine practitioner with over 24 years of experience in caring for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. In this update on the topic, Dr. O’Hara discusses the latest research in the assessment and treatment of these devastating but recoverable illnesses. You will learn a valuable research-based functional medicine approach to the care, diagnosis and treatment of these children.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
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From this course you will

  • Discover how to identify and assess a child that presents with an acute-onset behavioural disorder
  • Know the mechanisms that can lead to acute behavioural changes in children
  • Learn a three-pronged approach to treating the symptoms, the underlying triggers and how to provide immune support
  • Learn how to turn PANS and PANDAS from a challenging disorder into a treatable condition
  • Bring together the learning from the first two presentations and see Nancy's clinical pearls with several case studies

What's in this course

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I’m Dr. Nancy O’Hara, a pediatrician and functional medicine practitioner with over 24 years of experience in caring for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. I work with children, their families and their practitioners to help them improve the lives of children with neurobehavioral issues and chronic illness.

Today, I train medical professionals, including MDs, NDs, DOs, APRNs, PAs, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, chiropractors, and therapists, to recognize and treat PANS/PANDAS and BGE, a complex and life-altering condition.