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Sports Performance Masterclass

Natural medicine offers a wide range of tools to enhance sports performance for both elite athletes and weekend warriors!

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8 lessons


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90 min/lesson
12 Hours total

Brendan Egan, Kira Sutherland, Eugene Zampieron, Nanci Guest, Eric Williamson

About this course

Sports performance is sought after by many people involved in many sports. It’s not just for elite athletes, weekend warriors always want to do better as well. Adding natural sports performance for your patients can be a very rewarding and productive aspect of your business.

Natural medicine practitioners have a wide range of tools to help athletes. From nutrition to herbal adaptogens and training techniques, there is a lot we can do. This Masterclass is a comprehensive series of presentations that help you to be highly valuable to the growing numbers of people participating in a very large range of sports.

As usual, your presenters are passionate and expert in their topics. Dr Brendan Egan is an Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University and he opens this course with a thorough discussion on the Fundamentals of Energy Systems and how they work at various levels of intensity. He has two other presentations, one on the frequently-forgotten aspect of Recovery Enhancement and the other on Maximising Endurance.

Kira Sutherland has presented for Health Masters Live several times and her two session dig deep on the Nutritional Aspects of Performance Enhancement. Eric Williamson joined Nanci guest to cover a topic relevant to many conditions and not just sport, Muscle Mass and Strength. Nanci also has a presentation on her own specialty topic Nutrigenomics and Sports Performance.

Together, these experts have created a highly-valuable course that will make substantial differences to your customers looking to get the most out of their training and perform at a higher level.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
  • Access to your audio and video recordings via the App Store
  • A downloadable PDF of the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the community hub where you can get answers to your questions
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

From this course you will

  • Understand the core concepts of energy production and physical performance
  • Learn how to develop a performance enhancement plan for customers of all ages and any sport
  • Discover the latest understandings of exercise physiology and training principles
  • Predict the sport or activity that your patient will be most suited to
  • Gain an understanding of the sports continuum and how aerobic v resistance/strength fits in
  • Know which herbs and nutrients can add to your customers recovery and performance
  • Understand which genetic traits your patient has and how these contribute to or inhibit their performance factors
  • Know if you patient benefits from caffeine or if they have a tendency to become anxious from it

What's in this course

Your Presenters

Brendan Egan 

Dr Brendan Egan is an Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University. His research focuses on the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle function, and optimising performance in athletes and the elderly with nutrition and exercise interventions.

Brendan also consults as a nutritionist for sports teams. Dr Egan has a Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Limerick, a Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University, and a PhD from Dublin City University. He completed his post-doctoral training with Prof. Juleen Zierath’s Integrative Physiology group at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

His research investigates the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle function and adaptation across the life course with special interest in the synergy between nutrition and exercise interventions ranging from athletes to older adults. His research group performs human trials involving both acute and chronic interventions for outcomes around performance (physical and cognitive), recovery and adaptation. Nutrients recently and presently under investigation include caffeine, creatine, omega-3 fatty acids, resveratrol, leucine, protein hydrolysates, and exogenous ketones.

Outside of academia, through his sporting career as an inter-county Gaelic footballer, he has had a lifelong association with sport, training and performance at all levels of competition from grassroots to elite level, and also practices as a performance nutritionist with emphasis on team sport athletes.

Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland BHSc, Grad Dip Sports Nut (IOC), Adv Dip Nat, Adv Dip Nut, Adv Dip Herbal Med. MATMS.

Kira Sutherland is an Australian Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist with more than 25 years in clinical practice. She is the 2019 winner of the Integrative Medicine Award for Excellence in practice (Nutrition/Dietetics) and is the current performance nutritionist for the Sydney Marathon and running festival.

Kira divides her time between clients, lecturing at the undergraduate level, and mentoring practitioners of complementary medicine in the application of wholistic sports nutrition. Known for her vibrant, straight forward teaching style, Kira’s focus is to empower and educate at a level where information becomes intrinsic knowledge.

She is a lifelong athlete herself, participating in endurance sports, providing her with a solid foundation of practical experience to add to her academic and clinical background.

Nanci Guest 

Nanci S. Guest PhD, RD, CSCS is a Registered Dietitian with the Ontario College of Dietitians, Certified Personal Trainer and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and she has been working in this field in private practice since 1996.

Dr. Guest attended the University of British Columbia and completed her Bachelor of Science degrees in agriculture / animal science (1995) and dietetics (1999) with a focus on exercise physiology/kinesiology, and also completed her Master of Science degree in nutritional sciences (2004) where she conducted research on disordered eating behaviours, bone health and female athletes. She completed her doctoral research on the effects of gene-nutrient interactions (nutrigenomics) on athletic performance at the University of Toronto, where she continues to do research into the nutrient-gene relationships, plant-based nutrition and performance.

She has published her research in top journals, presented many abstracts at international meetings and given dozens of invited talks in Canada, the USA and Europe. In her post-doctoral work also at the University of Toronto she is fulfilling her special interest in plant-based diets, climate change, the environment and supporting animal welfare initiatives by helping individuals reduce their animal foods consumption. Dr. Guest is a global consultant to professional and amateur athletes and teams, in addition to having the role of head dietitian at both the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (her hometown) and the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games, and as a consultant to various international and Canadian athletes in preparation for the last four London, Sochi, Rio, and PyeongChang Olympics. Many of the athletes she prepared for Sochi went on to win several gold and silver medals.

With her strong foundation as a strength and conditioning coach along with her vast experience in an exercise research lab, Dr. Guest has a thorough understanding of exercise physiology and the physical demands of training, which has resulted in a unique skill-set focusing on advanced sports nutrition strategies. Experience includes work with the Vancouver Canucks, other members of the NHL, NBA and CFL, Women’s National Field Hockey, Women’s National Ice Hockey, World Junior Hockey in addition to working with many other sports / athletes to include pro UFC, boxers, open water divers, pentathletes, equestrians, iron-man and triathlon athletes, ultra-endurance cyclists, tennis players, skaters, swimmers, middle-distance runners, gymnasts, biathletes, snowboarders and soccer and rugby players. Dr Guest also taught sport nutrition at the University of British Columbia and the University of the Fraser Valley from 2005-2007 and teaches online sport nutrition courses at Niagara College (2020-present). She is currently an authorized service provider for the Coaching Association of Canada and a past lead Sport Dietitian rep for CLIF Bar Canada (2014-2019) , where she also briefly served on the CLIF Nutrition Advisory Council (USA).

Dr. Guest is involved in research (athlete focus) as well as dietetic education and training for Nutrigenomix Inc., a genetic testing company based in Toronto. She also serves on their Scientific Advisory Board.

Eric Williamson RD, MSc, CSCS, ISAK L1

Eric Williamson is a registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism. He is also a PhD Student, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ISAK Level 1 Kinanthropometrist and regular guy devoted to integrating fitness into any unique lifestyle. 

His passion and path of lifelong learning continues in the metabolism and exercise nutrition lab at the University of Toronto. He studies under Dr Dan Moore. Dan has produced some of the most revolutionary research in the area of exercise nutrition in recent years and his hard work and dedication to uncover the truth in this field inspires me daily.
His mission is to help people accelerate the process of finding the most effective nutrition and exercise strategies that work for them while balancing the many other important areas of their lives to achieve overall success and fulfilment.

Dr Eugene Zampieron 

Dr Eugene R. Zampieron is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Medical Herbalist and Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild. He is a 1990 alumni of Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences receiving his doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine with honours. He is an expert in the biochemistry & pharmacology of plant-based medicine from around the globe, as well as clinical phytotherapeutics.

Dr Zampieron, a.k.a ‘Dr.Z’, was on the elite founding advisory board that helped firmly establish the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine as the first accredited naturopathic medical college on the US Eastern seaboard. He is currently the senior-most faculty member at the institution. Eugene teaches and has taught many courses including rheumatology, botanical medicine, phytopharmacognosy, botanical pharmacy, urology, geriatrics, and history of natural medicine. His clinical emphasis and expertise is in holistic rheumatology and he sees patients both in private practice in Woodbury, CT and at the University of Bridgeport Naturopathic clinic. He presents at international symposiums and webinars frequently in the fields of holistic rheumatology, botanical medicine and pharmacognosy and tropical ethnobotany.

Dr Z’s radio and TV career has spanned over 30 years. He has authored over 1,000 tapes and articles and he is currently heard regularly on, WPKN FM Bridgeport, and WUSB FM Stony Brook. He is an international lecturer who teaches with an encyclopedic knowledge of natural medicine. He has co-authored several books including Arthritis: The Alternative Medicine, Definitive Guide (1st and 2nd editions) and The Natural Medicine Chest and was a contributing author/photographer for Cycles of Life, Herbs and Energy Techniques for the Stages of a Women’s Life and a textbook of antiageing medicine.