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Untangling the Histamine-Intolerance-Gut-Dysbiosis Web

Management of gut dysbiosis, immune activation and histamine intolerance.

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Dr Michael Ruscio

About this course

Gut dysbiosis, immune activation and histamine intolerance often exist in an interconnected web. Dysbiosis elevates histamine, as does carbohydrate intolerance and inflammation. This results in many patients presenting with a confusing complex of symptoms.

Many patients achieve substantial improvement when we understand the relationships between contributors and use an appropriate series of natural interventions. The dietary aspects of the optimal therapeutic approach can be counterintuitive. For example, published data has shown a low FODMAP diet can result in an 8-fold decrease in serum histamine, however a low FODMAP diet may lower the intake of seemingly healthy foods. Additionally, the impact of probiotics on histamine is often overcomplicated when attempting to use non-histamine-producing strains. This discounts the net effect a probiotic may have on one’s histamine production.

Speculatively, a probiotic that is pro-histamine, but simultaneously able to decontaminate the small bowel of SIBO (also published) may result in a net antihistamine effect. While some of the science here is still preliminary, this live webinar will attempt to provide progressive, yet evidence-based recommendations for using diet, lifestyle, environment, probiotics, antibacterial treatment and OTC medications in the management of the complex of gut dysbiosis, immune activation, and histamine intolerance.
What you receive:
  • Clear protocol explanations from some of the world's top practitioners
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From this course you will

  • How dysbiosis causes elevated histamine levels
  • How histamine is related to carbohydrate intolerance
  • How to reduce offending foods to reduce immune activation and histamine
  • How non-coeliac gluten sensitivity may be driven by histamine
  • Which probiotics are useful in histamine intolerance and inflammation
  • How to recognise and investigate histamine intolerance

What's in this course

Your Presenter

Dr Michael Ruscio

Michael Ruscio is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine. His research has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and he speaks at integrative medical conferences across the globe.

Dr. Ruscio’s best-selling book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, has paved the way for a ‘start with the gut’ philosophy which has enabled doctors and patient to obtain improved outcomes with minimal expense and effort. He is leading the charge to make alternative medicine more affordable, effective and practical, through a pragmatic application of evidence-based therapies. Dr. Ruscio’s ability to objectively analyse medical literature has made him a trusted voice of reason; a voice he shares on his top-rated podcast and website.

Dr. Ruscio fell ill during his twenties. He eventually found the cause of his problem was being driven by a gut infection. However, he wasted much time and money treating symptoms with natural therapies. Dr. Ruscio’s hope, in his teaching, is to prevent other patients and clinicians from making this same mistake.

Dr. Ruscio has a diverse training background. His undergraduate studies were in exercise science and pre-med. Dr. Ruscio later decided to depart from his plans of conventional medicine after he was unable to find relief in this system. He decided to pursue alternative medicine because of his positive personal experience with it. Dr. Ruscio now works to provide what he feels to be an optimal balance of progressive, natural-medicine-focused solutions, applied within a conservative, practical and evidence-based model.