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The skills you need to be the best practitioner you can be. Instant access to all content PLUS live Zooms including case studies, panel discussions and business strategies just for you!

With an AAP you will have access to our past content (1000+ hours) along with any new content for the life of your subscription (130+ new webinars yearly). You also receive a personalised certificate with every course completed for your CE.

Over 12,000 practitioners obtain their postgraduate education with us every year. Our courses are created via the collaboration of leading clinicians and educators ensuring that new, clinically relevant, innovative courses are available ongoing.

We never run out of topics. If you feel we haven't presented something you are interested in, let us know.

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Online learning and training have become an essential part of our society. This is the world's top postgraduate platform to help you boost your practice and help your community, whether that is local or global, using natural medicine. 

We know that every business and every person has their own goals, and learning is different for everyone. That’s why the AAP gives you access to every event, at any time, from anywhere, and on any device.

Build your own learning path from the courses that make the most sense for you and your practice. It puts your continuing professional education in your own hands. As an AAP holder, we also have special content just for you!

Join us as an AAP member to get access to our private community, inside the App, where we help each other be better in practice. 
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Beyond Zero to Mastery
The complete business guide.

Get access to everything we do, and have done, for the life of your membership. We help you unlock your inner professional so you can excel in practice.

You can revisit any course and find that important summary note, or re-watch the entire event for that particularly difficult case.

Never again worry about your professional education hours or staying up to date in your field. If you get that tricky patient and need to review a class, you can.

Learn from expert clinicians, they have the experience and wisdom, and they love to share. Your presenters are thought leaders in our industry, the very best clinicians and researchers from around the world.

Certification included

Receive a personalised certificate for professional education hours on the completion of a course.
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  • Powerful learning tools

    Access all of our content for the life of your subscription
    • Watch as many times as you like while your subscription is active
    • Review our archives for new or difficult cases
    • Receive a certificate for each course completed
    • Renews automatically
    • Cancel anytime
  • Clinical focus

    Unbiased, world class presenters
    • Comprehensive discussion with deep drilling
    • Easy access to all notes, handouts, videos
    • Best and latest information
    • No travel costs and less carbon emissions
    • No time away from your clinic or your family
  • Professional development your way

    An easy way to stay up to date
    • Ongoing learning at your own pace
    • Watch when and as often as you wish
    • All of your CE in one place
    • Learn at your convenience
    • Boost your confidence as a practitioner
    • Broaden your clinical depth of knowledge
    • Access ongoing professional support
    • Watch on any device at any time
  • Build a next-level practice now!

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We are an unbiased organisation with no affiliates to any companies. This means you'll receive the most reliable up to date practice enhancing programs available. We aim keep you up to date and fresh in the industry without the bias.
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Ultimate online learning

Whatever your dreams for your practice may be, with us as your partner, we’ll make sure there’s always something here for you to learn. We’ll keep you up to date and clue you in on what’s going on in the world of natural healthcare. Not only that, with an All Access Pass we have special content just for you!
“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and how much I love and appreciate what you have created with Health Masters Live. The quality of the courses, the speakers and the information is exceptional.

I can’t tell you how much more confidence it has given me as a naturopath. I feel like I am so much more up to date with my knowledge now since I studied over 15 years ago!

The more business focused courses you are now offering, such as the Social Media, Book Writing, Business series etc. are also fantastic and very relevant to me as well. My All Access Pass is the best value of anything I have ever spent.”
Leanne Pratt

All Access Pass

Full access to all content both live and streamed.
Automatic yearly renewal.
The All Access Pass is an automatically recurring subscription that renews either quarterly or yearly on the anniversary of the purchase date.
Access to course content will be removed if your subscription expires or is canceled. You don’t need to do anything to stay subscribed.
If you choose to cancel and the price has gone up you will pay the new price when you subscribe again. Stay subscribed to stay up to date!