New courses for April including the Financial Hygiene Masterclass and Acetaminophen Neurotoxicity

In April we have a bunch of new content to help you stay up to date in practice.


From this course you will:
  • Find a way to develop a meaningful relationship with money.
  • Learn how to navigate your business finances and future.
  • Learn how to build a practice that looks after itself as well as its patients.
  • Learn how financial literacy helps you wisely navigate your business' future and create a lifestyle that aligns with your values.
  • Find out the life changing practices of good financial hygiene.
  • Learn how to define the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Learn how to find a great strategic advisor amongst a sea of charlatans. 
  • Discover how to build a “Spending Plan”, a “Business Map of Intentions” and a “Financial Vision Projection”.
  • Learn how to become friends with cash flow management and how your marketing and sales process influence it.
  • Analyse how your business might underperform and get clarity around pricing.
  • Learn somatic exercises that influence how our nervous system in our body influences our styles of thinking about finances and how to change that using poly-vagal therapy.

  • CELL DANGER RESPONSE with Sandeep Gupta - 1 hour

    From this course you will:
  • Update your knowledge about the new science of Cell Danger Response (CDR)
  • Learn how to identify conditions that may be associated with CDR
  • Explore the different CDR triggers in the environment
  • Learn treatment protocols to help redress CDR and to switch cells from signalling mode back to energy production mode 


    From this course you will:
  • Learn why mould illness is a conditioned response of the brain to a chemical or electrical field that it thinks is dangerous
  • Find out how mould illness is a neurological disorder caused by conditioned trauma in the amygdala, insula and the limbic system
  • Learn how to mitigate neural triggers that initiate an over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by the brain

  • ACETAMINOPHEN NEUROTOXICITY with William Parker - 1.5 hours

    From this course you will:
  • Update your knowledge regarding the neurodevelopmental risks of exposure to paracetamol during pregnancy
  • Learn about the current knowledge regarding the neurodevelopmental risks of exposure to paracetamol after birth and during early childhood
  • Explore the effectiveness of this drug, antidotes for toxicity, and appropriate versus inappropriate pediatric use
  • A history of paracetamol use and the reasons for the disconnect between scientific knowledge and clinical practice

  • HPV INFECTION with Moira Bradfield - 1.5 hours

    From this course you will:
  • The natural lifecycle of the virus
  • Most common HPV viruses of clinical note
  • Consequences of infection
  • Natural strategies to prevent and remove the infection

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