February is a busy month. Find out what's new!

In February we have five new courses:


From this course you will:

  • Learn about the relationship between histamine function and mental health
  • Explore the role that histamine imbalances have in bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression
  • Learn about the histamine molecule and histamine receptors
  • Identify clinical symptoms of histamine imbalance
  • Learn which lab tests and genetic SNPs are most valuable to aid in diagnosis of histamine imbalance
  • Take home clear information as to which lifestyle, dietary and supplement support will help balance mental health challenges due to histamine imbalance

 with Robert SIlverman- 1.5 hours

From this course you will:

  • Learn how photobiomodulation works
  • Discover how low-level laser can be used to improve low vagal tone
  • Have protocols for the use of photobiomodulation for musculoskeletal injuries
  • See how to integrate nutritional protocols and laser therapy
  • Learn how photobiomodulation modifies the microbiome and the implications for metabolic and inflammatory disease.

NATURE THERAPIES SERIES with Catherine Darley - 4.5 hours

From this course you will:

  • Understand the clinical evidence for nature cure as treatment for common mental health conditions
  • Describe the proposed mechanisms of action of nature cure
  • Learn how nature exposure impacts cognitive performance
  • Understand the physiological effect of the terpenes found in nature
  • Describe the effect of nature exposure on the immune system and cancer
  • Use nature as supportive treatment in cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and other disorders
  • Learn how nature helps people of different ages and risk groups
  • Understand the range of effective nature prescriptions available
  • Create a nature cure plan for your patient in line with their resources

with Lara Zakaria - 4.5 hours

From this course you will:

  • Review the fundamentals of fat biochemistry and nomenclature
  • Understand the physiological impact of EFAs have on inflammation resolution, insulin sensitivity, cell membrane integrity, and neurological function
  • Understand the impact the food industry has had on prevalence of fatty acid imbalances
  • Review the latest literature on EFAs and evaluate the significance of the findings using critical analysis
  • Learn assessment strategies for identifying and monitoring EFAs imbalances 
  • Understand how to safely prescribe Omega-6s and Omega-3s from diet and nutraceuticals for a wide variety of disease states


From this course you will:

  • Develop the skills to feel competent as a provider in cardiovascular medicine
  • Learn why patients with normal cholesterol can still build plaque while others with similar cholesterol levels do not
  • Update your skills in how to request and interpret advanced lipid testing
  • Learn about the role of Inflammation and cholesterol in the progression and initiation of atherosclerotic plaque
  • Update your skills in the science of lipoprotein subclasses
  • Learn natural treatments for lipid disorders
  • Develop diet plans for your patients lipid abnormalities

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