Long Covid, managing the Complex Patient and how to Keep Patients Year After Year

Grab a cuppa and watch a webinar. We have three new courses for you this month.

The first is Long Covid and Mental Health with Dr Peter Bongiorno. This course will give you solid insights into how best to support your patients struggling with the mental issues we see occurring post-covid. About 611 million people have contracted covid throughout the world. About 20% will suffer long-covid and approximately 18% will have mental health problems like significant depression, anxiety and cognitive difficulty. Also common is chronic fatigue, dizziness, fogginess and systemic inflammation.  

Dr Bongiorno is a mental health specialist and has reviewed the latest research on the underlying causes of post-covid mental health issues. He discusses which lab tests can help you identify these underlying causes. Finally, he provides the natural options available to address these aetiologies. You will leave with a clear understanding of why your patients can have such challenging symptoms after covid and solid ideas on how to help them. 


An increasing number of our patients are complex, presenting with a variety of apparently unrelated symptoms. The second course this month addresses your chronic complex disease patients. It's called Managing the Complex Patient with Dr Lindsay Adrian.  Lindsay specialises in these complex cases. She receives many referrals from clinicians who are stumped by these tricky patients. She has found that there are distinct patterns in complex patients and that recognising these patterns greatly assists her to work out what's going on for each one and how to approach their care plans.  

While these people have a lot going on, there are priority areas you can begin with to achieve quick, meaningful results. You can then progress to systematically define the various problems that these people are challenged with. Lindsay calls it "Phased Intervention". Dr Adrian is a rare and brilliant clinician. She will show you a way to think about and care for these people who are so often overwhelmed and struggle to find anyone who can give them the help and support they need. If you see patients with chronic and complex disease conditions do this course.


And lastly… part of the secret to a long and successful practice is patient retention. Your current patients are a highly valuable asset, especially if you are a highly valuable asset for them. Join the complimentary Keeping Patients Year After Year course and learn how to nurture your patient's and keep them in optimal health for years to come.

Dr Dickson Thom has been in practice for over 30 years and has had more than 100,000 patient consults. Over the years he has developed a system of patient care that gets people healthy and keeps them healthy for many, many years. Dr Thom shares the context that he creates for his patients and how he helps them to understand the tremendous value of staying healthy. It’s not complicated but does need to be systematic. He outlines what he has found to be the main reasons people don’t stay with their clinician and how to prevent these from causing you to lose patients.


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