New content for March helping you build a better practice!

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In March we have another five new courses:


From this course you will:
  • Learn more about your tax return - including deductions and depreciations
  • Update your skills in spreadsheet accounting and accounting software
  • Explore how to evaluate and improve your performance
  • Learn about cash flow management and how to set up business systems
  • Explore the fundamentals of buying a Business
  • Learn about contractors - being a contractor and hiring contractors
  • Security and Safety
  • Exit Strategies

ARTERIAL AGEING with Stephen Parcell - 1.5 hours

From this course you will:
  • Learn about the pathophysiology of arterial ageing
  • Discover the role environmental toxins have in arterial damage
  • Learn exactly how diet and lifestyle play a role in arterial ageing
  • Learn which specific tests can be used to determine arterial age
  • Explore strategies for protecting and treating arterial health

REDEFINING ANOREXIA with James Greenblatt - 1.5 hours

From this course you will:
  • Gain  insights into the genetic influences and the brain changes that occur with anorexia nervosa
  • Learn how to assist anorexia nervosa patients with diet and supplements
  • Learn about the vital role of Zinc in the treatment of anorexia nervosa for dopamine regulation and digestion 
  • Learn about the vital role of Essential Fatty Acids in the treatment of anorexia nervosa for depression and heart health

HELMINTH THERAPY with William Parker - 1.5 hours

From this course you will:
  • Learn about the availability of the four main helminths currently in use
  • Discover the health benefits, risks, knowns and unknowns
  • Find out best practices in helminth therapy and the pros and cons of various approaches
  • Learn about the effects of helminths on the progression of COVID-19 and adverse reactions to other viruses

THE AMYGDALA AND INSULAR RETRAINING IN MOULD ILLNESS with Sandeep Gupta and Ashuk Gupta - 1.5 hours

From this course you will:
  • Learn why mould illness is a conditioned response of the brain to a chemical or electrical field that it thinks is dangerous
  • Find out how mould illness is a neurological disorder caused by conditioned trauma in the amygdala, insula and the limbic system
  • Learn how to mitigate neural triggers that initiate an over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by the brain

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