Intermittent Fasting for Women and the Food Addictions Masterclass

Again we have a bumper month!

We've served up some weekend webinar watching! The Food Addiction Masterclass is now available for instant access with Dr Vera Tarman and Bitten Johnson. Vera and Bitten are expert practitioners with a deep understanding of the care required to assist food addicted patients to help them regain control of their food choices and eating patterns. This clinical program will show you the difference between an eating disorder and the various types of food addiction that can be difficult to spot in practice.

Dr Vera Tarman is a medical addiction specialist. She covers the central concepts in food addiction, all backed by research or clinical experience and provides clinical pearls to move you forward in this field of practice. Bitten Jonsson is an internationally-renown food addiction clinician. She delves into the complexity of how to diagnose sugar/carb/food addiction and how to most effectively treat it.

For a variety of reasons, people become addicted to food. There's even a recognised Processed Food Addiction. Many people struggle with food and for a surprising number the underlying difficulty is dependency. You will very likely have food-addicted patients. A key learning from this course is being able to recognise when there is a food dependency issue and how to approach this in an understanding way. Your patients will often not recognise it themselves. They will know they find it hard to eat well but may not have ever imagined themselves to be addicted.

In this comprehensive course you will develop a clear understanding of the processes that lead to these dependencies and the problems that they create. With this understanding you can take a compassionate and effective approach to guide your patients towards a thriving productive life without the ‘drug foods’ that can be so alluring yet so terribly destructive.


Secondly, we showcase intermittent fasting as a very effective therapeutic tool that can achieve great results for your patients without too much life disruption. What's not being discussed yet are the sex differences of these dietary modifications. Kira Sutherland webinar on Intermittent Fasting for Women and will discuss why women need different dietary approaches. 

A valid and growing body of criticism of medical research is that it is very male-focussed and that there are consequential effects of this bias. As a natural healthcare provider, you can address this by adjusting your care plans to your patient's needs. Kira has prepared this new topic on the considerations we need to make for women vs. men on our fasting and diet planning prescriptions.


And lastly we have the Building Physical Resistance with Ojas course. Ojas is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “vigor” or “essence of vitality.” It influences everything from our immunity, digestion, physical strength, and the health of our skin to our spiritual inclination, sleep, and mood. In a nutshell Ojas is the vital energy that rules our immunity, strength and happiness - three things we want to have in abundance. 

The concept of Ojas is integral to understanding Ayurveda as a practice. Many well known Ayurvedic practices are for the maintenance and rebuilding of Ojas, given its interconnection with strength, immunity and resilience. Join Mona Warner for an exploration of Ojas, the vital essence of immunity, strength and happiness, per the Ayurvedic teachings. Learn how to help your patients increase or balance healthy Ojas through healthy living... Ayurveda style.


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