The Hepatology Masterclass

Jul 16
We all know our livers are centrally important to our health. It's our major metabolic organ dictating much of our physiology. It's responsible for over 500 metabolic reactions, bears the brunt of toxic insults, is susceptible to several viral infections and is at increased risk to fatty deposition.

Having a thorough understanding of the liver’s functions and how to accurately assess liver status is a highly useful clinical skill. Because natural medicine understands the central role of the liver, this course will be relevant to many of your patients. 

This is our first dedicated Hepatology Masterclass and will give you a thorough understanding of this vital organ. All naturopathic practitioners should do this course. Drs Lyn Patrick and Mona Morstein are highly experienced in liver pathology and the treatment of liver and gall bladder conditions. They are joined in the course by Hepatologist Dr Robert Gish who gives us a clear understanding of correct liver assessment.

The Hepatology Masterclass is an 8-module program that is ready to stream now. It is a course we have been working on for some time and are super excited to release it.