New courses - Nutrigenomics and Oral Health

Two new Masterclasses are live and ready to stream on the new website. Both of these have been regularly requested so we are really pleased to have them both completed and ready for you now. Oral Health is a surprisingly large cause of acute and chronic illness and perhaps more surprising is how infrequently it is identified and addressed. Dr Ron Ehrlich is a holistic dentist and passionate advocate for the consideration of the oral contributors to poor health. He has created the comprehensive Oral Health Masterclass for the non-dentist clinician. You will learn how oral factors impact systemic health, how to assess these factors and then what your best treatment options are for the various issues that could be occurring.

The other in-demand program is our first Nutrigenomics Masterclass. This is a pioneering field that will become the standard of care in all of medicine. Nutrigenomics One has a short introduction and then deep-dives into the key areas that nutrigenomics currently excels at. Professor Michael Fenech, Dr Valerio Vittone PhD and Dr Heather Way PhD guide you through the most valuable markers in numerous common conditions.

All videos, audios and course materials for these two new Masterclasses are on our new website ready for instant access. We have a number of new programs to release over the next few months, so dig into your feast of new material now.