Five new courses in September including Unimportant Molecules

There are a number of single sessions coming up this month. The first cab off the ranks was Joe Pizzorno's Unimportant Molecules webinar. This was a classic Pizzorno class and was a reminder of why we should all eat from the garden and organic. A fantastic class with tools to teach your patients.

Next we have the Sports Nutrition Gems webinar with Kira Sutherland. Kira has been practicing and teaching Sports Nutrition for many years and has been asked a number of questions many times so this is her chance to share these ‘must-knows’ in a single presentation.In this webinar Kira gives you many practical tips to enhance athletic performance through nutrition. As well as being the FAQ of sports nutrition, this is a collection of sports nutritional gems that will make a big difference for your sports clients, including those who just want to up their game. Join us for an action-packed discussion.

For those who have done the Nutrigenomics Masterclass we have the Nutrigenomics Panel Discussion and Q&A coming up on the 24th of September. Write the date in your diary and go to the course page to attend this live event. 

The Innovations in Cancer Care webinar is coming up on the 21st of September. Dr Sharon Gurm is a leader in the field of integrative cancer care.  In this presentation, she discusses the latest innovations in cancer care from around the world and how she is using these in her clinic.  In particular, she will explore the benefits of combining photodynamic therapy with modulated electrohypothermia.

The results from human clinical trials indicate that hyperthermia is both an effective complementary treatment to, and also a strong sensitiser of, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Photodynamic Therapy is a non-toxic treatment that uses laser light to activate a light-sensitive compound in the presence of oxygen. This then induces tumour destruction by apoptosis, antivascular effects by tumour vessel destruction and the prevention of new tumour blood vessel formation and stimulation of a T-cell tumour-specific immune response. 

You can see all of our upcoming live events on our Live Calendar here.