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What's new… As usual, we’re continually releasing new and innovative courses on the new Health Masters Live platform. Recently released are some important clinical topics including… 

Mary and Steven Rondeau have created a fascinating mental health diagnostics series called Phenotypes in Mental Health. This differentiates patients into clinically-defined types that greatly assist your treatment reliability.

One of the best marketing tools for your business are live presentations. Recorded ones are great too. Dr Jason Marr has prepared for us a presentation that helps you get to the point where you’re not only ready to present, you have a proven framework for your presentation that delivers an engaging and compelling message. This is highly useful presentation and he’s called The Perfect Presentation.

Can you teach your patients to be happy? Absolutely! In fact, this skill may be the most impactful for many of your patients, and your business, than any other care process. Margi Bissinger Teaches Happiness to all of her patients and has done for many, many years. This is a brilliant presentation and a skill that can change lives, and likely your business too. 

Osteoporosis is not what most people think of it as and there is a great deal ‘under the hood’ that you can use to identify those at risk, reduce their fracture risk, and assist those with low bone resilience and/or a fracture history. Dr Lani Simpson is a clinician and certified bone densitometrist. She has created a thorough and very clinically-valuable Osteoporosis Masterclass that covers every element of this potentially life-changing condition. 

Coming up in December we have…

A surprisingly useful clinical tool is Heart Rate Variability. This can be easily used in practically all of your patients and is definitely a diagnostic of the future. Dr Brad Lichtenstein has been teaching HRV Biofeedback for many years and will show you exactly how to implement it in clinical care and give yourself and your patients great clarity into their current state and their responses to your recommendations and care.

Two really interesting single presentations are Dr Rick Johnson PhD’s discussion of the fascinating role of Salt and Dehydration in Obesity. This is an unexpected but strong association that will change your recommendations for body composition and diet.

The other presentation of note is Dr John McDougal’s Challenging Second Opinion on Diabetes. This is a compelling discussion that breaks from the traditional view of the causes of obesity and diabetes and is well-worth viewing.


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