What next on the new path?

For those who have an All Access Pass...

The new platform is up and running and it's time to log in and take a look around. You should have received an email by now with instructions on how to use your old account email and set a new password to gain access to the site.

If you missed it here it is again:
  1. Create a password for your new account by clicking SIGN IN on the top menu
  2. Then click Forgot Password
  3. Enter the email address you used to access your courses in the past
  4. Click Ok to get your new password

Your All Access Pass will be added to your account over the next week. We will let you know when this happens. 

Your subscription on our old site will be put on hold so it won't renew. Your new pass will come with "trial days" to lead up to match your renewal date of your old pass. We have also given you some extra time on your account to thank you for taking the time to come across to the new site. 
Please register for all courses on our new platform from now on. You will still be able to access any active courses on the old site. You will have access to your old account until the end of 2021 to give you time to download invoices, certificates, PDFs, notes, etc. that you would like to keep. 

Waiting for you on the new platform are two new Masterclasses: 

Dr Ron Ehrlich presents a comprehensive and fascinating exploration of the role of oral health as a strong contributor to many common conditions. He explains the mechanisms, how to assess for dental stress, the effect of dental materials and infections, correct breathing, how oral health relates to sleep, posture, headaches, neck pain and many others.

Our first Masterclass on this frontier topic is destined to become standard care. Gain invaluable insights into every patient's unique strengths and weakness and how to adjust your care based on their individual needs.

Coming up in July:

Coming up in August:

Features on the new platform include:
  • Access to courses with no expiry dates for as long as you have a subscription.
  • A workbook area where you can save all your notes and files.
  • You can now increase your speed of playback.
  • We have a new community area on the new platform. This means you now have a private alternative to our Facebook Alumni group. This is also great for those not on Facebook. We will still keep our Facebook Alumni group open for those who like to use it.

As usual, we will still be busy bringing you the latest topics from the best presenters in the World. We hope you love the new platform and the community within it. Get started!